Our Story

The founder of Nalu Candles, Naomi Williamson, was raised on the Hawaiian island of Oahu and currently lives in Encinitas, California. She wanted to capture the essence of tropical and coastal living to share with others through the fragrances and packaging of her candles and having grown up surrounded by coconut trees; she was delighted at the discovery of coconut wax being a cleaner more sustainable option. Her love of the ocean led her to the name Nalu as it is Hawaiian for ocean wave.

As a single mother, Naomi didn't have a lot of money for luxuries, but candles were always a simple way to make ordinary dinners and evenings at home with her son more special.

A lifetime love of making things with her hands led her to learn the artisanal art of candle making in 2015, and both her background as a publisher of a local natural living publication and the arrival of her precious baby boy strongly influenced her choice of ingredients. From eating organic to producing her own body care products, she has always tried to make the best health choices for her family and the planet.

Nalu Candles came to life in the summer of 2016, proudly using sustainably grown coconut wax, the highest quality phthalate-free fragrance and certified organic essential oils, as well as lead-free wicks. It has been designed to create the cleanest burning candle possible without compromising on scent. Each candle is poured by hand in small batches in our studio, located in the charming seaside community of Encinitas, California.

On the very day the brand Nalu was decided upon, Naomi wanted to celebrate the birth of her new venture with a swim in the ocean nearby at Moonlight Beach. As she was walking out of the water, a young boy crawled up and touched her leg. "Nalu" his mother called – it was his name. This unbelievable moment of synchronicity felt like a blessing on this new direction in her life. Nalu was meant to be.


Why Coconut Wax?

After researching all of the natural plant derived waxes available for candle making, coconut wax was chosen for Nalu as it has extremely clean burning qualities and is considered by many to be the cleanest of all - even soy. It also burns at a lower temperature which is desirable when using essential oils for fragrance. Furthermore, coconuts are a non-GMO crop and grown in an organic, sustainable, and eco-friendly way, whereas the type of soy used for candle wax is generally GMO (genetically modified).


Thank you for choosing Nalu. We are truly passionate about taking a wholesome approach to life and doing what is best for your wellbeing and the environment. Each candle is hand-crafted with the loving purpose of spreading the Nalu vibes and enabling us all to
Escape, Unwind, Indulge ~ the clean way


Nalu is the Hawaiian word for ocean waves and can also mean to meditate.